Career and Student Tutoring Office



Power and Responsibility

·         Organizes, manages and runs the recruiting of new students from domestic and foreign high schools.

·         Keeps continuous relationships with the student council bodies, student association or other student organizations, and supports their operation.

·         Reports to the governing bodies of SHPALPV's the concerns raised by students in an organized or not organized form.

·         Makes suggestions for changes and improvements in curricula, in response to the demands of the student candidates and actual students and presents them for approval to the relevant structures.

·         It organizes, manages and guides the process of advising students about SHPALPV’s academic process, studies and other issues related to it.

·         Organizes and coordinates student cultural, sports, and entertainment activities, as well as the activities in cooperation with third parties, inside and outside SHPALPV's premises.

·         Monitors and organizes SHPALPV students' career issues.

·         It provides advice and guidance about orientation and development of professional careers of SHPALPV’s students.

·         Collaborates closely with faculty departments for the organization and the ongoing of professional practices of SHPALPV's students.

·         Maintains communication with the labor market to attract thoughts in terms of the compliance of degrees offered with the labor market, and to facilitate the practice process. It prepares proposals for changes and improvements in curricula and presents them for approval to the relevant structures.

·         It is responsible for organizing career fairs.

·         It maintains ongoing relationships with other bodies or alumni associations and supports them in their functioning.

Central Learning Secretary

Head Secretary: Marjeta Bonjako

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Power and Responsibility

The Central Learning Secretary helps the developing of the teaching process at SHPALPV, through performing the following main tasks:

·         Maintains and updates the base register with students' personal data, grades received while following the study program during the years of studies and the data on their degree/s.

·         Completes student's diploma and diploma supplement, according to the rules set out in this statute and the rules of the institution and based as well on the instructions from the Ministry of Education and Sports.

·         Fills in the students' records in the base register, electronically and manually.

·         Gives to every student the corresponding number of matriculation.

·         Fills in the registers of each course.

·         Secretes exams and gives out the results after correction.

·         It addresses the students' requests to sign up, drop out courses or change classes.

·         Analyses statistics data (passing rate, absenteeism, etc.).

·         Notifies Rector, Vice-Educational Rector, Deans and Departments' Head about the suspended classes during the week.

·         Calculates the number of classes conducted by external lecturers, information that is sent to the Human Resources Office through the Chancellor before delivering their payment.

·         Designs certificates and transcripts and copies of diploma supplement for students, based on their requests.

·         Oversights the regular completion of final course minutes and sends the materials to the archive.

·         Administrates, supervises, maintains, and renews the e-grade system.

·         Any other duties of secretarial nature, serving the students, charged by the Teaching Protectorate or/and the Rector.

Finance Office



Power and Responsibility

The Finance Office is in charge of the implementation of the economic and financial policies of SHPALPV. The office has this main responsibilities:

·         Organizes and runs the work of SHPALPV's economic and financial issues, in accordance with the legal provisions and regulations and the constitution acts of the company.

·         Maintains the complete and precise income and expenses' documentation, by type of service, or by elements of expenses, making comprehensive and monthly and/or periodic reports  of various indicators.

·         Processes and reports about the financial summary indicators and investments made by SHPALPV.

·         Performs computer records of financial and banking documents under specific and approved programs.

·         It holds and organizes accounting and financial documents of the company and reports to the fiscal authorities in accordance with legal acts and regulations in force.

·         Organizes the accounting and reports periodically to the Administrator/Rector the financial reports, necessary for the financial management.


Foreign Relations and Projects Office



Power and Responsibility

The Foreign Relations and Projects Office has these main responsibilities:

·         Holds, organizes, coordinates, expands and manages foreign SHPALPV's relations with third parties, organizations or similar counterparts, about the bilateral and multilateral connection and strengthening of relations.

·         It plays an auxiliary and coordination role with other units of the institution, providing the necessary information and assistance for the designing, monitoring and implementation of projects in function of the teaching process and the scientific research, as well as keep in contact with donors. Prepares and maintains full and updated lists of contacts with donors and the conditions for their participation in projects.