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Regulations and Procedures for applying to pursue a Master’s Degree

With the application the candidate expresses its interest to pursue a Master's degree at SHPAL "Pavaresia" Vlorë in the study program of his choice. According to his possibilities and the expressed requirements by the applications it receives, SHPAL, plans the opening and the number of students for the Master's programs.

The application is made through the filling out of the application form:

·                  Directly, by coming at the facilities of SHPAL "Pavarësia" Vlorë;

·                  Oline, by downloading the application form and sending it to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

·                  through the postal service, by sending the application form in the official address.


Shpal "Independence", Vlorë sets its minimum acceptance criteria for each study program and publishes them in a suitable time. To pursue a Master's degree at SHPAL "Pavarësia",  candidates, Albanian citizens or foreigners, should:

·                  To submit a notarized copy of the diploma of the first cycle of studies, together with the original transcript;

·                  To submit a document proving that he is the holder of the diploma of the old study system;

·                  Submit the documents proving that he is the holder of another study title, equivalent to the above diplomas and recognized and equivalised by the relevant authorities;

·                  Submit the payment of annual fixed fee and/or  the total fee according to the terms and conditions of the relevant contract between the institution and the student;

·                  Fill out the application form;

·                  Submit an identification document, a photocopy of which will be kept on his folder;

·                  Submit 4 passport photos;

·                  Foreign citizens should also submit an Albania residence permit (notarized copy);

·                  Students who have completed the first cycle of studies in  SHPAL PV are not obligated to submit the above documentation.



Selection of candidates for the Master Study program is based on previously stored files from any candidate at the education secretary. The Scientific Committee is the authority which declares the winners names list of for this study cycle. The number of admissions is based on the real possibilities of each Faculty of SHPAL to conduct a normal education and within the standards, to ensure quality, in accordance with the applicable legal framework



The Registar administers the admission form, compiled by the selective Scientific Committee and registers the admitted students in the register of SHPAL "Pavarësia" with the respective ID number specified by the AKP.



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