*Transfers to Master Programs                       Transfers to Bachelor Programs



Transfers to Master Programs


C.U "Pavarësia" accept transfers of Master's students during the inbetween school years by other graduate domestic or foreign schools, public or non-public and allows the transfer of its students to other schools, according to some procedures and the required documentation. Students wishing to transfer from another graduate school to C.U "Pavarësia" to follow the Master's program must submit:

  • The writing request to the Dean of the respective Faculty, where he states the reasons for the transfer and the university name, from which he has requested to be transferred. The transfer request form is obtained in the secretary of Faculty;

  • Certificate from the graduate school about the courses the student has passed with the corresponding earned grades and credits ;

  • A copy of the syllabuses of all the successful passed courses in graduate school;

  • A notarized copy of the diploma of the first level studies;

  • A photocopy of the identity card;


Recognition of transfer credits


The necessary documentation for a student to transfer is forwarded to the department covering the respective major. The latter, taking in consideration also the opinion of other departments, when necessary, evaluates the subjects according to the plans and programs of Shpal "Pavaresia", performs the transfer of grades and credits  and defines the additional obligations that the students will be required to complete. The evaluation  gets forwarded to the Faculty Dean within 15 days. Based on this assessment, the Dean of the Faculty. Based on this evaluation, the Faculty Dean, within 15 days, decides on the acceptance, or rejection of the student request, and in case of admission orders the transfer.


C.U  (through its departments), based on the submitted documentation, performs the assessment of the subjects taken by the student, according to the plans and programs of C.U, performs the transfer of grades and credits, and determines the course and semester in which  the applicant should continue and the complementary obligations that he will have to complete.


The registration after the admission decision


C.U concludes registration agreements with the transferred students, which provides mutual obligations of the parties, as foreseen in the regulatory of the Institution.